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  Scale LinkDigi-Star designed the Scale Link product line to gather weight information using our unique algorithms to provide accurate output in SERIAL, CAN, or ISOBUS format.

Scale Link can be used in grain carts, planters, seed tenders, air seeders, TMRs, manure and fertilizer spreader applications where communication of weight values are used independently or in conjunction with other systems.

Scale Link is Specially Designed to Eliminate Cab Clutter:

  • Scale Link is the future! Use existing virtual terminal as scale indicator interface display
  • Communicates and adapts for use with many different brands of virtual terminal displays
  • For use with all brands of equipment
EZ 2400V Scale Link

Scale Link Control Option:

  • View scale information on implement
  • Allow user  control of scale functions from implement
  • Can be used with or without Virtual Terminal in Cab

Scale Link ECU:

Easy Connection Scale Link
  • SL-100, SL-200, and SL-300 Series
  • Weatherproof to ensure years of reliability
  • Contains scale electronics and connections
  • Easy connection and mounting options (EZ Mate, USB available on Touch Screen, Terminal Block and Strain Relief)
  • Transmits weight information in Serial, CAN or ISOBUS format
  • Use as a stand-alone scale with optional Scale Link control and power source

Virtual Terminal Scale Link

Scale Link Virtual Terminal (VT) Display:

  • User interface possible with existing hardware
  • Connectivity to different brands of virtual terminals
  • All implement manufacturers to utilize weight information in their system programming

SL 310 Scale Link

Scale Link and Scale Link ISOBUS Communication:

  • ISOBUS is inter-connectivity between different manufacturers
  • Manufacturer-spanning interoperability between implement and tractor
  • Use of a single input/output terminal (VT) for all implements


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