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Rate Control for Manure Spreaders
Weight Based Rate Control Proportional to Ground Speed with Prescription Capabilities 
  • Automatically adjusts to match the target rate. 
  • Continuously checks and readjusts calibration to compensate for changes in flow rate due to product fill level, or changes in product flow and density
  • Functions as a standard simple rate controller on spreaders not equipped with a weighing system 

Reduces operator mistakes and fatigue with fully automated control of spreader
  • The NT 8000i :
  • Pre-Start function ensures that material is being spread at the start of each run for improved coverage.
  • Traceability with complete as-applied data records
    (using SD Card) to meet recordkeeping needs of custom applicators, land owners, and government agencies.
  • Precision Farming interface capable: JD GreenStar, Trimble, TopCon, etc.
  • Fast acting closed-loop control for optimal performance with varying prescriptions,
    operating speeds, and product densities.
  • Monitors and provides information on:
    • Forward Speed
    • Application Rate
    • Spinner Speed
    • Total and Partial Weight Spread
    • Current weight in Spreader
    • Secure calibration menus prevent accidental or unauthorized calibration.

Rate Control Photo Gallery

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Rate Control Product Videos

NT 8000i Introduction to Variable Rate Control
Variable Rate Control Spreading

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