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TMR Tracker


TMR Tracker is a multi-featured Windows® based feed management system.

TMR Tracker offers operators additional management tools including:operator control, pen review, online feed data exchange with nutritionists, ingredient tracking and numerous reports. TMR Tracker is an indispensable management tool for forward thinking operations! 

Simply enter your feed ingredients, rations, production groups, and mixer information in your TMR Tracker software. RF DataLink (wireless) or USB(memory device) is used to transfer feeding instructions to the indicator on the TMR mixer. The indicator displays the ingredients to be loaded,their weight, as well as the corresponding pen information. During feeding, the actual weights of loaded ingredients and fed ration are saved and returned via DataLink™ or USB. TMR Tracker™ software may then generate various detailed reports, tables and graphs. 

 TMR Tracker 5.3 is now available-New Features include:

  • Customization: Pen Feeding list and report filters now have added custom view options so that you can see only pertinent information, in the order that makes sense for your farm
  • Call weights & reports displaying to the decimal point easily used for research applications & micro ingredients
  • Inventory stock levels managed on a dry basis
  • Back dating price effectiveness of ingredients
  • Scheduling a ration transition gradually over time
  • Completely custom report generating wizard for easy selection of key data points you want to compare
  • Nutrient value input tracking including Protein, Starch, Sugar, NDF, Calcium, Phosphorous

These are just a few of the new features, be sure to keep your HelpDesk current to automatically receive these great upgrades.



Feed cost management:
- compares intended feed ration against actual fed ration
- calculates and records daily feed costs and dry matter
- calculates “Income over Feed Cost” on a per pen/
  per head bases
- registers feed Weighback

Increase production through consistent feeding:
- easily adjust rations for Dry Matter Intake (DMI)
- helps reduce fluctuation in loading and unloading
- reduces peaks and valleys in milk production

Promotes efficiency:
- replaces feed sheets
- easy, adjustable settings improve efficiencies and
- on-the-go head count and pen weight adjustments

Improve Heard Health:
steadily fed rations means the animal recieves a
steady flow of energy and protein
- reduces the problems of underfeeding in the early
stages of lactation and overfeeding in the final stage


Management tools:
- integrated e-Tracker functions as an online data exchange
  with nutritionists and consultants
- set ingredient reorder points
- easy to read reports, tables and graphs
- interface with herd management software to update
  head count and track dry matter efficiencies

Ease of use:
- extensive component flexibility
- easy operation for all user levels
- easy to interpret reports, quick analysis and trend detecting

Feed mixer maintenance management:
- record quantity of loads and auger revolutions
- extend mixer life with scheduled machine maintenance

Service support:
- 24/7 limited phone service support
- EZ Connect permits technicians to remotely support
  your software
- Digi-Star is a fully integrated manufacturer offering both
  hardware and feed management software. The complete

- software is easily upgraded via Internet
- start small, and progress as needs change

Individual operator control:
- review employee mixing and feed accuracy
- encourages accuracy and consistency
- password controlled TMR Tracker™ software for feed
  manager, mixer and feeder


1. How do I set the USB/Datakey?
a. Go to Program Settings>General Settings>Datakey/USB>Auto detect
b. Click OK to save the changes

2. How do I set the feeding order?
a. Go to Send Data
b. Click on the Pens in the middle screen and use the arrows on the right hand side of the screen to move the pens up and down

3. How do I see if there is data on the USB/Datakey?
a. Go to Events>Datakey>View Data
b. The screen will populate if there is data on it

4. I can’t see information in my reports?
a. Check to make sure the date range is valid in the reports, also can check the raw data to see if the scale may have reset (do this by double clicking on the version in the lower left and then Data>History>Open a file and check the date range)
b. DANs: 204 Select-Date; 202 Select-Time

5. Scale is reading off
a. Possibly needs to be Re-calibrated
b. (Known weight ÷ Scale weight) x Current Calibration Number = new Cal Number
c. 872 Select will get you to Cal Number and allow you to change it, Press ON to save/exit

6. Loads aren’t combining for certain pens
a. Program Settings>General Settings>Optional Functions>Optimize or Do Not Optimize Loads
    i. This will allow you to combine like loads, as long as they are grouped together
b. Also check the Density/Mixer Capacity

7. How do I link with my Herd Management Software?
a. Need to contact you Herd Management Software and have them create a file for Pen Head Count and/or Milk Production
b. Go to Program Settings>General Settings>Herd Management Systems>Select the program you are linking to, and fill in the File Path along with what the file is called (ex. PC.txt, MP.txt)
c. Go into Herd Management Groups and add the groups and match what they are tracked at in the Herd Management Software with how they are tracked in TMR Tracker

8. Can I sort the reports?
a. Yes, in all the reports there is a properties button you can click on and select what you want to look at.

9. Can I export to Excel?
a. Yes, click on Print Preview and save as an Excel spreadsheet.

10. How do I modify the amount of a Premix that I want to feed?
a. Go to Events>Premix Storage>Edit and on the right hand side you will be able to modify the amount you want to mix

11. What is the Load Multiplier in the Premix Storage?
a. This is the hypothetical number of cows that this premix will feed based on how the ration was built.

12. What is Density?
a. This is a calculation that is based on the size of the Mixer and how “heavy” this ration is. This is a way to prevent the mixer from getting overloaded.

13. In a ration, there’s a check box that says, “Adjust Actual Weight on Ing. Dry Matter % Change”. What does this mean?
a. When the DM% is changed for an ingredient, the recipe will automatically be adjusted so that the cows are getting the same amount of DM from this ing.

14. I get a message that, “Previous data is pending to be sent, overwrite? Press ‘No’ to

a. TMR Tracker is detecting current undone information on the USB/Datakey/Datalink directories. By clicking “yes”, you will send new information but by clicking “no” you will be adding information to what is currently in the location.

TMR Tracker Photo Gallery

TMR Tracker  - Image 1
TMR Tracker  - Image 2
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TMR Tracker Product Videos

TMR Tracker Program Demonstration
Watch this walk thru video to learn about setting up pens, rations and useful reports
Easy to Use Feed Management Technology
Reduce Shrink, Improve Accuracy
The Value of Precision Feeding
Interview by Dairy Business Communications
TMR Tracker Overview
How TMR Tracker works

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