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Now Available
Beef Tracker is a Windows® based feed management software program.
Beef Tracker works in conjunction with the scales on your feed mixer wagon/truck and allows you to accurately and easily collect and manage feedlot nutrition.

Beef Tracker is an economical and independent program providing you with tools for:
  • Bunk reading (Quick access to critical feeding history)
  • Feed inventory management
  • Lot Tracking (Lot In, Lot Out, Split, Merge, Transfer and Enter Deads)
  • Closeout reports
  • Easy daily feed adjustments
  • Monitoring operator accuracy
  • Detailed loading and delivery reports
  • Quick dashboard with key performance indicators
  • Dry Matter Intake reporting
  • Customizable report generators
  • Tracking feed costs

Beef Tracker Photo Gallery

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Beef Tracker Product Videos

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Beef Tracker software Demo