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SW3300-16", 3300 lb Cap., Load Cell Weighbeam Pair Only

SW3300 Load Cell Weigh Beam Pair Only

This stainless steel load cell design offers unique, useful weighing results- accurate weight readings on uneven surfaces.

The electronic cable is protected with flexible stainless steel cable guard to resist cable injury due to animal biting or accidental pinching, prolonging cable life.  Place under individual animal crate or platform.  Perfect for producers, 4-H, and FFA clubs that may require weighing livestock in multiple locations.

  • 15 ft. flexible stainless steel guarded cable
  • 1650 lb capacity each 16" load cell (3300 lbs./ pair)
  • Complete with Digi-Star 24”x 90” or 28”x 54” aluminum platforms
  • Accuracy: ± 1% and ± 1 display count
  • Use with SW300, SW600, SW4600EID digital indicators