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Complete System-Alleyway Scale w/Recording Indicator

Complete System-Alleyway Scale w/Recording Indicator

SW Complete System Alleyway Scale includes: SW4600EID recording display, two SW3300-24" load cells, and 90" aluminum platform.

SW4600EID Digital Indicator

This advanced management indicator allows for both EID and Visual ID input with customizable display offering easy data collection.

  • Automatic recording of animal weight and EID tag, and displays Average Daily Weight Gain
  • Create Group file name, Enter Premise, Visual ID, Mgt notes (2 note fields)
  • Displays Group Weigh Statistics, including head count, avg, high, low, weight sum
  • StockWeigh Link –PC software (included) allows easy downloading of CSV file from indicator to your pc
  • Two DB9 serial ports for wand reader and computer interface, or printer
  • I.7”, multi-line, backlit display, 2 load cell connectors
  • Stores up to 10,000 records
  • Compatible with all brands of EID wand readers
  • AC/DC power converter, 12V battery clips, 3 mount bracket options included

SW3300 Load Cell Weigh Beam

This stainless steel load cell design offers accurate weight readings on uneven surfaces!

The electronic cable is protected with flexible stainless steel cable guard to resist cable injury due to animal biting or accidental pinching, prolonging cable life.  Place under individual animal crate or platform.  Perfect for producers, 4-H, and FFA clubs that may require weighing livestock in multiple locations.

  • 15 ft. flexible stainless steel guarded cable
  • 1650 lb capacity each load cell (3300 lbs./ pair)
  • Complete with Digi-Star 24”x 90” or 28”x 54” aluminum platforms
  • Accuracy: ± 1% and ± 1 display count

90” Aluminum Platform

This heavy duty walkway platform is lightweight, yet durable enough not to flex under a 2500 lb animal. The sloped sides offer added strength, while reducing livestock slipping-off the sides.  The platform’s walking surface features 1” protruded holes to allow debris to fall thru while offering a non-slip surface.  Side horizontal edges feature rolled aluminum, preventing ankle injuries should an animal step off the side of platform

  • Overall dimension: 24” x90”, 16” travel width
  • Platform surface height when paired with SW3300-24” load cells: 4.0”
  • Weight: 60 lbs.  When fastened with SW3300-24” load cells, 104 lbs.
  • Dimensions meet ‘Oversize’ Shipping requirements