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North American TMR Tracker Help Desk Renewal

North American TMR Tracker Help Desk Renewal

By keeping your TMR Tracker Help Desk current, you receive all of the latest software updates, unlimited telephone support from Digi-Star software specialists and your farm feed records backed up on Digi-Star's cloud. 

Once you receive your order confirmation, TMR Tracker will automatically update your license within the automatic updates settings found in ProgramSettings - GeneralSettings - AutomaticUpdates. This is set to 7 days by default and will execute at a new startup of the TMR Tracker program.

To manually update, select Help - Program License - Update License. The license update may take up to 1 business day to fully process.

If you are able, please include your TMR Tracker serial number in the notes section of the check out process. To access your serial number, go to the "Help" tab of TMR Tracker and click on Registration – your serial number will be visible there.  This number is not required to update your Help Desk, but is helpful for Digi-Star tracking.

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