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PRODUCTS: Load Cells

K80 Coupling System

K80 Coupling System

Digi-Star, in partnership with Scharmüller, introduces a new weighing solution for application to feed mixers, grain carts, forage wagons, spreaders and other trailed equipment.
Combined with integrated Digi-Star technology, the K80 coupling ball is designed to be a unique, accurate and innovative solution for weighing. The Digi-Star K80 coupling system is Tüv-certified for use at speeds up to 40 km/h, with a pressure load of 4000 kg.
The weighing technology is completely built inside the durable K80 coupling ball. The connection cable is located at the rear side of the coupling.
The Digi-Star K80 can be applied factory-mounted or retrofitted onto trailed equipment. It is available in different sizes and communicates with all recent Digi-Star weighing indicators.

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