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PRODUCTS: Software / Data Transfer

CL-55 3G Upgrade

CL-55 3G Upgrade

Add The CL-55, Cloud Based System to your GT 560 Grain Cart Indicator
Designed to suit virtually any agricultural machine, implement, or technology, the CL-55 goes beyond automatic data collection and upload, providing advanced capability for a fully connected ecosystem. The CL-55 is completely agnostic, it is NTRIP ready for steering-receiver flexibility, plus the CL-55 offers an optional RTK radio for leading accuracy.

The CL-55 offers several unique and useful features when paired with your GT 560 Indicator including:
  • Automated data collection in the field with very little operator set up.
  • Automatic data uploading into TAP*
  • AutoLog automatically knows when to log data when a load is being taken on or taken off the grain cart
  • The system compensates for varying moisture conditions and send moisture compensated yield/weight back to TAP
Kit includes:
  • CL-55 (3G Canada)
  • Anenna
  • CL-55 Power Cable
Additional Recommended Items:
  • Moisture Sensor

*TAP Subscription sold separately

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