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PRODUCTS: Remote Displays

Wireless Cab Control

Wireless Cab Control

Instant Access Loading Data!
Wireless Communication and Operation for All Indicator Functions on the Feed Mixer

Cab Control™ is a wireless operation and read out system that is installed in the cab of the front-end loader. It communicates with the weighing indicator on the feed mixer and offers instant access to the weight and feed ingredients to be loaded, making the loading process more efficient, accurate and simple.

Increased loading accuracy:

  • Constant fingertip view of detailed loading ingredient data
  • Enables accurate loading and efficient ingredient usage

Greater loading efficiency:

  • Enjoy cab comfort, reduced eye strain and greater visibility
  • Full keypad operation of feed mixer scale from the cab
  • Remote Tare feature (CC400)
  • View feed recipe from loader cab (CC3400 & CC3600)
  • Toggle easily between ingredients during loading

Technical specifications:

  • Reliable 2.4 GHz radio transmitter
  • Range up to 1,000 feet (depending on location)
  • 12 channels communicate with up to 24 mixers
  • Cab Control™ transmitter/receiver required on mixer scale
  • 12-24 volt system

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