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Inbound Tracker

Inbound Tracker


Easily monitor, track and export every feed delivery

Using TMR Tracker with Inbound Tracker allows you manage inventories right out of the field.
The Inbound Tracker solution is designed to serially connect with almost any existing platform scale indicator. Comprised of a 15.5 in. touchscreen display as the primary interface, 9-character external display and remote transmitters for efficiency, Inbound Tracker provides an easy approach to managing feed deliveries and harvest weights. 
Currently available only in imperial measurement.  Available in the U.S. only.
  • Transmitters provide the ability to log each truck with a press of a button and export into TMR Tracker for up-to-date inventories. When a truck drives onto the scale the weight will be displayed on the remote display.  The driver then presses a button on the remote to save the weight.  A message on the display will then confirm that the weight has been saved, and list the truck, field, and storage location.  The operator is responsible for verifying the information displayed on the remote display.  If there is an error (e.g. wrong field), the operator can easily change the most recent record from the computer screen. 
  • The system includes 1 year of online data access which offers the ability to to view, filter and export harvest data. This also provides mobile access from the field to update the current trucks status. This useful tool prevents the need for manually changing fields at the computer to help keep harvest operating smoothly.

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