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Calf Cart Scale

Calf Cart Scale


Caf Cart® Scale – complete with battery powered SW300 Digital Display

42” Caf Cart™ Scale ships complete with SW3300-16” load cells and SW300 digital display.

“ Ships direct to you in 3 parcel cartons assembly required

Raytec® manufactured 42” Caf Cart™

Cart enclosure measures 41” length, 15” wide, 38” height inside dimension.  300 lbs. carrying capacity.  Cart is ideal size to weigh and transport newborns thru 250-300 lbs. weaning.  The unique, well designed and leveraged lift handle enables operator to easily load, lift, transport, and unload animals.  The 26” pneumatic tires roll easily over uneven ground.  The load cells offer accurate weighing when resting on uneven ground, often found around calf hutch terrain.  Includes headlock feature which secures animals’ head for administering medicine, dehorning, and vaccinating.  High strength steel tubing frame construction, 22 ga. galvanized side panels, DIAMOND PLATE ALLUMINUM floor for biosecurity and safety.

SW300 Digital Indicator

Popular, easy to use indicator. The SW300 features a compact, durable design with the convenience of an internal battery.

  • Powered by (2) ‘AA’ battery, 50+ hrs life, also 120V power convertor
  • General, Slow, Fast, Lock-on weigh methods
  • Auto shut off, and conservation settings
  • 3 mount bracket options included, 2 load cell connections
  • 1”, 6 character display
  • For use ONLY w/ SW3300 and SW6600 load cell weigh beams

SW3300 Load Cell Weigh Beam Pair

This stainless steel load cell design offers unique, useful weighing results- accurate weight readings on uneven surfaces.

The electronic cable is protected with flexible stainless steel cable guard to resist cable injury due to animal biting or accidental pinching, prolonging cable life.  Place under individual animal crate or platform.

  • 15 ft. flexible stainless steel guarded cable
  • 1650 lb capacity each 16" load cell (3300 lbs./ pair)
  • Accuracy: ± 1% and ± 1 display count
  • Use with SW300, 

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