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ICP 300 Thermal Printer

ICP 300 Thermal Printer

The P/ICP 300/DS Printer is:
  • Lightweight compact printer with an easy-load paper feature
  • High speed, high resolution printing capability

Your Digi-Star scale indicator needs to be configured to run with a ICP300 printer.
Version 8.0, or newer, software is required for the printer to function correctly.
A RS232 serial port needs to be present on your scale indicator  typcially labeled “Serial,” “J904” or “J905,” depending on the model.

To Verify Software Version
  • Turn on the scale and wait for normal operation.
  • Press “ON” to start the self-test sequence
    • (EZ2500V and EZ400/GT40 models press “NET/GROSS” then “ON/OFF” to start).
  • Watch the self-test sequence on the screen.
    • “PRG ID” will be displayed, followed by the software version code.
    • Press “ON” to pause the test if needed.
    • This software code must be “8.0” or larger to continue to work with the ICP 300 printer.
  • Contact Digi-Star or an authorized service center to upgrade to newer software if required.
  • Press any key to cancel the self-test.

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