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ST 3410

ST 3410

Topcon Agriculture announces the release of the latest in seed tender management tools with the new SEED Mobile Application, a program that works in conjunction with the new Digi-Star ST 3410 Seed Tracker scale indicator. The upgraded indicator, a second generation of the ST 3400, adds enhanced features including a USB port that provides access to improved record storage and can also be paired with a Seed Tracker PC program for customers who prefer desktop applications to setup the indicator’s data fields and more.

This second-generation Seed Tracker indicator is capable of handling 16 individual seed bins, with separate inventories for each. The operator can preset the specific weight of seed needed for each bin, and the indicator will automatically shut off the seed flow when the preset weight is reached.

Users can also purchase an external Bluetooth® module, which enables communication between the ST 3410 indicator and the new SEED Mobile Application. The app tracks user activity and data through the entire planting process. With the app, operators can track seed inventory from purchase to planting — allowing for general data tracking from the convenience of an iOS smartphone or tablet.

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