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GT 465

GT 465

 Grain Tracker System for ISOBUS
  • Decrease cab-clutter by utilizing the tractor's ISOBUS terminal.
  • Increased remote viewing options using a display on the ISOBUS interface box on the grain cart, which can be mounted on the side for combine operator use, or the front for efficient turck loading
  • Easy to learn
  • Capture each load, every time with AutoLog2
  • Compatible with leading virtual terminals in agriculture
  • Reduce the likelihood of overloaded trucks and spilled grain with Digi-Star's Autolog 2 Output Control Monitoring System Automatic Start/Stop Function (patent pending)
  • PC proprietary software provides reports in many popular formats
  • Navigational keypad to review previous loads or edit field information
  • “FIELD” button for viewing and changing the 26 character alphanumeric data field
  • CHECK feature to check or calibrate the combine’s yield monitor
  • Keyboard for easily editing or changing field information
  • Time/date stamp data for insurance record or custom harvest verification
  • Accumulation of weights per field entry
  • Bi-directional field names from PC to indicator via USB
  • Autolog2 allows operator to set truck capacity and receive an alarm notification (when nearing target weight) to close a door, or use an output control signal relay to add autonomy when the desired amount of grain has been unloaded.

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