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PRODUCTS: Indicators

EZ 4600

EZ 4600

Bi-directional data transfer for total feed management via USB or RF DataLink™. Designed for Cattle Feeding efficiency.

  • Program rations from your PC or the front panel of your indicator
  • Customizable to accommodate your feeding style
  • Easy-to-read, 3-line display provides complete feeding information
  • Compatible with TMR Tracker® Feed Management Software and third-party bunk read programs
  • Legal for trade
  • Large 84 character alphanumeric, backlit LCD
  • Easy-to-read action line with three additional lines for status or list viewing
  • Navigational pad for quick selecting from Recipe, Ingredient or Pen lists
  • Increase productivity with additional loading and feeding status information
  • Ability to add pen list from keypad
  • Unload partial call-weights to pens with remaining amount still selectable
  • Live gross weight and rotation counter monitor
  • Choose how you want to feed: load-by-load, pre-determined load or you pick the recipe and pens to feed
  • Scrolling Help messages in multi-language formats
  • Supports USB data transfer option
  • Supports wireless radio features of RF DataLink and Cab Control
  • Expandable memory to store 8 times the pen data vs. standard memory size

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